Saturday, 29 January 2011

Introducing the Guest Bedroom and "Study"

Location of future guest room?
These two rooms, at the eastern side of the house, were previously used as a bedroom (the larger room) and a kind of small sitting room/study (well, the smaller room).

The floor, and beams underneath the smaller room have been completely replaced in the recent past (over cellar 4), as the timbers had rotted due to the moisture from the animals in the stalls below. The floor in the larger room may well be original, and are certainly solid timber, but carpets had been glued directly onto the boards, so it's going to be quite a job cleaning it down (see the grey covering in the photo below).

Large room. The door on the right leads to the smaller Northern room.
Location of future study?
The walls in these rooms have been dry-lined completely, and we'll remove this to assess to condition of the walls before updating the insulation, particularly the half-timbered front facade. Who knows what will be revealed?

Not much to say about these rooms, other than the large one in the south-east corner will probably be a guest room, and the smaller one may be another guest room or study. As shown in the previous post, we plan on turning one corner of the large room into part of a hall to link the rooms to the main landing, while the adjoining room houses a guest bathroom.

Today we had a nice surprise from the former owners, who gave us the original plans from various building changes, dating back to 1922. They answer some questions and confirm some suspicions. A history of the development of the farmhouse and other buildings will follow at some stage.

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  1. The smaller room should be the guest room's en suite bathroom with jacuzzi and sauna. Heated floors would be nice too for winter visits.