Friday, 26 August 2011

One wall up, another wall down.

It's been a slow week. Without the hive of activity that was the roof over the previous two weeks, the bricklayers pale in comparison. Still, for the 1.5 days they were on the site, another item is off the long list, and we can now properly visualise what the pack of the house will look like.

On Wednesday, they started building the gable wall for the bathroom, complete with a poured reinforced lintel for a 1.5m wide window.

 On Thursday, it took half a day to put the pointy bit on.

Keeping the roof covered properly was a minor challenge (as it was before), but luckily I stopped by, got a loan of another sheet from the roofer/neighbour, Lutz, and shoved it out at the ridge to form a tent over the gable. As the gable is now free-standing, we didn't want to lash anything directly to it, as it's been a little stormy at night, and I don't want that falling into the house.

In other news, we found that one of the walls between the new bathroom and a bedroom was very wobbly indeed, so it had to come out before it fell on someone.

This was a later construction of brick, as there was a smoker here (note the sooty stains all over this area), and wood wasn't allowed to be too close. You can see they truncated a cross-beam, and to be honest, I'd like some further support in there. It's a bit scary with all these open walls and spaces.

Knocking it down was a pushover, literally, and the shaft left by the demolished chimney saved carrying a load of bricks and plaster downstairs:

Rubble down the easy way into the kitchen

Things I really want/need to do soon:
  • Take down all the false ceilings on the first floor
  • Get a damn container to get rid of all the plasterboard lying about
  • Ditto for all the old wood

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