Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scaffolding up!

Next stage complete. Over Thursday and Friday last week, two guys erected the scaffolding. A fairly tricky job in places, particularly between the house and barn, as they had to poke through parts of the barn roof overhang. It means we now have broken gutters and water pouring all over the place when it rains, despite my patchwork after. I also had to take the corrugated iron roof off the old machine house between the two buildings which used to house a winch for the barn. Sadly, the guys had to take apart the gear wheels as they were in the way.

New look!
Tight squeeze between the house and barn.
The old machine room between house and barn.
West gable (just before the rains).
Tomorrow, work begins on the roof. The forecast is a bit grim, but fingers crossed.

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