Thursday, 22 September 2011

Half covered

It's been a slow couple of weeks on the house. Lutz and crew came back last Friday to put half the roof tiles on, and Holgar put in two of the five roof windows the day before. The rest goes on next Monday and Tuesday, but there's been some leaking on the dormers since some new insulation panels went on last week, and I'd like to fix that first.

Nevertheless, the back of the house looks great!

Looking smart! Two roof windows go in on the left next week.
Two of the roof windows on the west side.

The building protection agency had "recommended" that we go with these particular tiles, and that particular colour. I was happy with the tiles, but initially would have preferred copper red tather than natural tone, but I think it looks well. I can't rsist one more before and after comparison!

Way before!
We've been tapping away at reducing the insides to a raw condition, and last Saturday (between family events) I took a couple of hours to repeat the job I did on the east attic tip, this time on the west half. Here's what it was like before, with the top photo taken when the roof was partially open, and the true scope of filth was clear to see. The next shows a slightly clearer scene.

From underneath, staves could be seen holding up clay plaster. Today, we found out that these staves could be a couple of hundred years old, but more of that in a few weeks.Same procedure as last time, meaning the apex is open, and we can consider whether we leave it completely open or make a half floor for storage.

And now this mess has to be cleaned up. We have small piles of old clay plaster all over the place now, waiting for us to get a proper chute to drop it down into a trailer. The staves will be kept, and perhaps reused in other parts of the house (or other smaller projects). My previous thoughts of using them as firewood have been somewhat tempered after today.

A couple of hours each evening after work this week has also meant that all the old electric cables are now removed, and the house it feeling ready for putting stuff in, rather than taking it away. Almost. Still so many decisions to be made...

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