Thursday, 29 September 2011

Window choices

Before I forget...

Our original plan for windows was to go for a t-shape, as we had one old window at the back that was in this form, so we thought it might be more "original". However, looking closely at the old photo we found, the windows used to have eight panes (check out the one on the top right).
Admittedly, this was more like a t, with the lower three panes on each side being separated by thin strips, of possibly lead.

Anyway, we wondered what it might look like with eight panes, having moved on to six after the original t idea.

We could try to mimic the eight panes with a t using wider pieces, and then have narrower cross-pieces below, but I think it might be a little too much. Opinions?


  1. All the 8-pane thing will do is remove light from the room. Go with the t, even if it is in Comic Sans.

  2. Removing light is the least of the concerns in this case. The living room alone has six windows :/ I like the 6-pane version, but maybe I've been looking at too many twee German village postcards :)

  3. I like the 8 pane set-up at least the look. Cleaning the little blighters is a 'pane' though. But hey, if 6 then why not 8? - which looks aesthetically pleasing to my eyes - Greg

  4. greetings from Steffi, she definitely prefers the 8 tile version!
    I would choose the cheapest option and invest the remaining money in a window cleaner!

  5. Greg, cleaning is my wife's main argument against the 8-pane version. However, we've asked them to put the bars on the outside only (as well as between the double glazing), so at least the inside will be easier to clean. They're completely fake windows, you see :)

    Marcus, greetings back to Steffi! I trust her taste, but I prefer your logic! :D