Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hardcore cellar

Last week the guys finished excavating two of the cellars and laid the pipes for the waste water. These have been covered with 15cm of hardcore (not yet finished), and we'll have 15cm of concrete to go on top of that, hopefully next week. The waste water pipes go as far as the wall, and another crew will come and dig a trench to connect it to the main sewer. Not very exciting, but it's a step towards having a new floor in the right two cellars.

Looking towards the back, cellar 4.
Ignore the pipe sitting on top, it's a spare. The upright one on the left is the main downpipe for the new bathroom and kitchen.

Looking towards the front, cellar 4.
Due to the way the old floor sloped (it used to be a cow stall), we'll have a step half way across the room.

Looking into cellar 3.
Cellar 3 also has a down pipe (not pictured) to accommodate the guest bathroom on the floor above. At the back left, the new door between the cellars can be seen (the one I broke a sledge hammer on while breaking through).

Meanwhile, we thought we'd waited long enough for the revised offer for our windows (7 weeks), so we paid them a visit and told them precisely what we want. A new offer was to be submitted on Friday, so hopefully we'll get that on Monday. If we accept that, it'll still be another 6 to 8 weeks before we have windows. Just in time for Chrsistmas! :P

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