Monday, 27 August 2012

Nearly done with the damn plastering.

Getting tired of seeing photos of plastered walls? Yeah, me too. Having been away a bit over the past month, progress has not been huge, but most of the plastering for levelling out the walls prior to insulating them is now complete. Just some larger holes to pack up with insulation, then patching with plaster, and the south and west sides, the only sides that need internal insulation, are done.

Last wall in living room. Rails up, and rough cast done.
And done!
Looking southwards, down the living room.
And north.
 I left one small bit in the middle of the wall unplastered, as that's where a beam in the floor needs to come out. Some time...

The bedroom above the living room was far easier, as the walls were already relatively straight, although the windows are standing proud of the wall, meaning I couldn't form nice, sharp corners. Once the insulation is up, they'll have a small inset and place for a sill.
Second floor, above the living room.
And done!
And finally, the top floor. A slight bow in the wall is now evened up, but holes remain over the windows that need to be packed up. I can't help but feeling that the brickwork would be nice to leave visible, but with a low-temperature heating system, we can't leave this uninsulated. Maybe I'll put fake brickwork up later.

In other, more interesting news, the man who took wood samples months ago finally came back with some initial dendrochronology dates, which were quite surprising, adding over half a century to the age of the house. He has to write a final report, but his reasoning (not to mention the dates) are compelling. That'll need a post of its own, as it changes our understanding of how the house developed considerably.