Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Guttered up

It seems like between travelling, picking apples and hazelnuts and a short illness, not a huge amount has happened on the house over the past month, but some important things have been done. With the expert help of Enver, we've finally got new gutters mounted on the pigsty behind the house and on part of the barn, where the gutters had been broken for the best part of a year. This should help a lot with the damp issues in the cellar, and the water from these roof surfaces is now diverted into the rainwater cistern. Roofer and neighbour, Lutz, also put up a snow catching grid to stop snow dropping down into the passage between the house and barn.

Shiney new gutters on part of the barn.
A little bit of scaffolding and lathes prepped for new gutters on pig sty.
Job done, so the patio stays a little drier.
The scaffolding should have gone weeks ago, but we've been waiting on the window people to finally come and fit wooden surrounds around the windows on the front of the house. We've been waiting about 11 weeks now, which is crazy, but they promised to come this week. Once that's done, the final painting can be done, though I think it's looking quite well already.

And inside, after weeks of procrastination, I finally got around to blocking up one of the excess doors into the kitchen. Now I just have to build the installation shaft, and we can begin wiring.

One less hole.

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