Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The grand unveiling

The first of many, I hope. Today, after 15 months of being covered in scaffolding, the house was finally set free. A small retrospective is in order.

No idea when this is, but I had been guessing the 30s, but could well be earlier.

Then to October 2010, when we were first considering buying the house. We thought it had potential, if not realising the work needed.

And to today. The lower half still needs painting, which should be done soon, and of course the doors need to be replaced, but they'll be one of the last things we'll do before moving in. Whenever that is... Otherwise, the outside of the house is pretty much complete. Yay!

It's really weird not having scaffolding...


  1. "Complete" is such a lovely word...

    Congrats, the new roof looks great and the house looks much happier with it.

  2. Hi Barry, another milestone reached. Many congratulations with how the house is turning out; it looks really great! And just to say; 2 years on and we are very happy with our ground source heat pump.

  3. Thanks, Gents. I think the house does look happier, even more so in the more recent photo, with sun and blue skies :)

    John, I didn't realise you had a heat pump. We've made the decision to go with an air-source heat pump. A lot of neighbours have them, and are really happy, and the newer models reach the same levels of efficiency as a ground-source pump, granted when running at optimal temperatures. The horizontal array we'd originally planned for the ground-source heat pump turned out to be too much hassle, so I'm happy we have a decision, and it'll be a doddle to install.