Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wood frames and insulation, oh my!

Just about two weeks ago, the window people finally came to fit the wood frames and window sills around the front windows. We'd been told it'd take six to eight weeks, but in the end it took twelve, despite persistent nagging. In reality, we think they built them in a day or two the week before installing them, as someone who answered the phone during one nagging session expressed surprise it should take so long, as they build them in their own workshop. Anyway, it also turned out they hadn't yet ordered some special powder-coated sills we need, so that adds another couple of weeks on, and the sills they did fit were not installed correctly. My patience is wearing thin...

Nevertheless, the frames are in, and the ever-reliable Dieter Edinger, our painter/plasterer, got the first coats of mint-green paint on them yesterday.

Frames fitted (without the sills!)
First coat of paint.
I think they look well, but my only complaint is that we were not consulted about the width. The original surrounds were at least twice as wide, so these feel a little... puny. Still, it's another step to the outside being complete, and the scaffolding should go in the next week or two.

Meanwhile, friend and neighbour Sace did us a great favour by picking up 50 square metres of insulation this morning.

Although I'd planned on using wood fibre insulation for the two sides of the house that must be insulated from the inside, frankly, it's simply too expensive. As a compromise, I'll insulate the brick gable wall with 10cm styrofoam, but will use the more breathable wood fibre insulation on the inside of the half-timbered wall on the front facade. Basically, this needs to be as breathable as possible to allow water in and out with ease, thereby keeping the timbers safe.

Not one to wait about (hah!), I began this afternoon on the second floor bedroom, with a foam gun and home-made hot-wire cutting device provided by Sace.

My nicely plastered walls, waiting for insulation.
The rather cool, hot-wire cutting device (also plays music)
The puzzling well under way.
And done (apart from window surrounds).

It's really rather fun doing this, but I was glad I'd learned some tricks while helping Sace insulate the outside of the local inn.

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  1. The place is looking great! How’s it now? Well, it’s good that you help Sace out on installing the insulation of the house. You can really learn a lot, and it would be handy when you do it yourself. And using wood fiber insulation is not a bad idea at all. It can fill the wall space completely, and provide extra insulation and fire protection. I think getting it is really worth the price.

    @Bea Litterer