Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The pipes, part 2

A small photo update, as since the last post my camera, which had been on its last legs, finally died due to dust inhalation. Now for some all improved photos of the rest of the work the lads did on the main plumbing.

Cellar 4 is looking more like a technical room now. Plenty of pipes, the pump unit for the rainwater cistern, pressure reducer and filter all in.

The shaft is rather full now, but very tidy. This has all the pipes for the cold and hot water supply, including a circulation circuit so hot water is instantly available when a tap is turned on (a water saving effort), the main heating circuit and the downpipe, of course.

On the first floor (or 2nd, if you're American), the pipes exit the shaft and run to a box on the other side of the wall where the water supply for this floor is distributed from and can be isolated. This is an important photo, as it'll be used to ensure we don't drill into anything once the kitchen is going in!

From the conrol box, we have loops running to other distribution points for the heating, with pipes running under the wall into the living room...

... and into the distributor for the wall heating there. Quite pleased with the work Enver and Co did!

Since then, we've taken a bit of a break from heavier work, but we've done some cleaning down of the walls in the cellar/entrance hall to expose the limestone walls there. These will be completely cleaned and repointed, so they are left natural.

And I finally began closing the hole in the living room ceiling that has been open for about a year. Laths in ready for some plasterboard. Did the same in the kitchen and 1st floor bathroom, although there's still a large hole in the kitchen ceiling, as I need to set a new beam in.

And we've now got new plans for the ugly 1960s stairs...

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