Sunday, 28 July 2013

Catching up

The last six weeks have been a bit hectic, what with travel for work and helping out finishing work on the local inn. so it's only in the past week-and-a-half that work has resumed on the Bauernhaus. More of that anon, as since the last post a few things have gotten done.

Most of the cabling has been done for the first floor and part of the second floor, making for spaghetti-like scenes in the kitchen. Everything on the first floor comes together here, with the box for he trip switches on the other side of the wall. I probably didn't need all that sheathing in the wall itself, but no harm. It's quite fun doing the wiring, which exercises the brain more than the body, trying to plan where sockets, switches and lights should be, and how to best hide cables in walls where we will leave the timbers exposed. Quite a lot of work, which will never be seen again, but a big step towards making the house livable, eventually.

The trip-switch box is neatly in with a frame, so we can put a wooden door over it instead on the standard, ugly metal thing.

Likewise, I've built casings around a couple of the heating manifolds, just to keep it neat inside. Below is the manifold for the first florr kitchen and bathroom.

And upstairs, the beginning of cabinets for one of the manifolds and a comms cabinet (where the network patch panel, routers and phone outlets will end up).

 The beginnings of sills on the second floor have begun (nice and deep), but overall, lots of small details that needed taking care of.

With all the floors now out, we ended up with quite a pile of wood littering the yard in front of the house. Some people said we should chop it up for firewood, but frankly, I'd better things to be doing! :|

That brings us up to early June, so stay tuned for another exciting post for this month (if you can bear the excitement :))

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