Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Side projects

SOmetimes it's good to do something else, if only to get a sense of having completed something for a change. We were given this old bench over a year ago, and I reckoned it had been sitting in the yard looking decrepit for long enough. A trip to the DIY store to get paint, and then work began on Saturday evening.

First job, use an angle grinder with a sanding disk to get the layers of paint off the metalwork.

Rather than spending hours sanding old paint off the wood, I used an electric plane to shave it off, then a belt sander to give a smooth finish. A pretty quick job. The wood was generally ok, apart from one piece that was partially rotted, so I'll make a replacement for that another time.

Sunday meant painting and sanding, finishing this evening with a third and final coat for the wood, et voila, something to sit on when not in the mood for building anything.

It's final home is now outside the barn beside The Bauernhaus, so it'll get well used. Job done!