Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Big Hoist

Last Friday, our yard was filled with a million euro of mobile crane. As it had been used for another job nearby, Sace got him to pop over and lift the heat pump over the house and barn to place it in its new home.

Yesterday evening, we completed the pipework and back-filling behind the house, so it's no longer so Somme-like.Nevertheless, there'll be a lot of work to do to get that garden in shape! The heat pump isn't the most attractive, but maybe we can hide it a bit.

Next week, some of the internal work begins, at least with getting power sorted for the cellar and heat pump. In the meantime, I'll be continuing with repointing and plastering to get the technics room (AKA Cellar 4) complete.

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  1. There is only a month's growing season left. As a temporary measure - I would throw over a selection of quick-growing grass seeds, with alfalfa or clover. Just to get a green appearance and keep some nutrients in the soil. You can re-turf lawn and dig borders / veg plots / plant fruit in spring... (Tho Bare-rooted and root-ball trees and shrubs SHOULD be planted in the dormant period -- and now is the time to plant garlic)