Sunday, 8 December 2013


A little over a week ago was a major milestone, as the heat pump was turned on for the first time. The big propeller is turning and the pumps are pumping, adding a sound of life to the cellar.  Not exactly something that is easy to show in photos, but look, there's a pump running! The system in the living room, the pufferspeicher and the heat pump itself were filled and set running. It's working away with fairly efficient numbers of 4:1, and is just taking the edge off the cold inside the house.

In the meantime, we built a small bit of scaffolding in order to do some work on the awning over the main barn door. The gutters here were broken for the past two-and-a-half years, since the original scaffolding for the house work was erected, meaning that water had been pouring onto the corner of the house all that time. This has resulted in a pretty damp spot in the cellar at that corner. We've now got nice, shiny new gutters, and the piece of roof I had to truncate has been retiled.

In a way, it was probably a mistake to repoint that part of the cellar wall before it dried out, but it will, I hope, eventually.

And, finally, I made some progress on the ceiling underconstruction in the same cellar. The idea is to insulate the ceiling with 120mm of rockwool, or similar, then seal it off with plasterboard or Fermacell. It was all going swimmingly till I ran out of timber, but I got a delivery of 330 metres last Friday night, so that should keep me going!


  1. Nice thing Barry! Intresting - how it's work? (the Pump) The winter comes quickly!!

  2. Ohh, complicated :D There's photo of the air-source heat pump on this post:

    Basically, it's like a fridge in reverse. It takes air in and extracts the heat out of it, and blows out cold air. The heat it collects is fed into our heating system so will heat the wall heaters and water. We can set what temperature we want, and any excess that is not used is stored in a "pufferspeicher", or a reserve tank. When this tank has enough reserve, it turns off the heat pump and runs off the stored heat, so saves energy. The main thing is that it is pretty efficient. At the moment, for every 1kWh of electricity it uses, it produces about 4kWh equivalent of heat energy. A hell of a lot better than "normal" electric heating, which is 1:1, and more cost-efficient than oil. At least the house is not freezing like last year! :)

    1. We have have heat pump ( different system/brine ) 7 years already. After som minor hiccups its working OK. And Merry Christmas, by the way.

    2. And Merry Christmas to you too :)

      So after 7 years, are you still happy with choosing a heat pump? :