Sunday, 6 April 2014

Up a level

There are probably, no, definitely more important things to be doing, but as I'm waiting on materials and help, for the past couple of weeks I've continued floor under-construction, partition walls and other stuff up on the second floor.

There are two potential bedrooms on this level, one is already done, and we thoughts we'd leave the other till after we moved in, but what the hell. Floor under-construction is finished now, and the wall between this room and the bathroom finally built. The OSB sheets will get plasterboard over them, leaving the rest of the timbers visible.

The gable wall is half-timbered, and insulated from the outside, but I'm not sure if I want to make all the effort to clean those timbers up, so may just put drywall in front of it, so we have a full wall on which to install the wall heating. Could be pretty to have the timbers visible, but with the ceiling, and the frames running through the room, there may be enough wood on view already.

All that's left to do it wire it up, get the floor down, plaster the ceiling, dry line the walls... well... at least it's a start.

At the same level, out in the hall, I made a start on the "comms cabinet". Basically, a press where all the phone and network gear will reside, with plenty of room on top for other storage. All the network cables are already running up to this point.

Meanwhile, down on the first floor, the last really dusty work for this level was done, chipping off old plaster in the hall, and using an angle grinder to clean the exposed timbers up a bit...

 ... as well as the huge central oak beam between the ground and first floor.

All the while, still been thinking how to tackle the third floor best...

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