Sunday, 19 October 2014

If only we could decide on colours...

Busy, busy, busy. Feels like we're burning the candle at both ends, but not seeing all that much for it. But then, we're seeing every day, so when someone comes and visits the site and tells us it looks like we could move in already, then it feels good. Of course it's nowhere near ready, but a lot closer than a few months ago.

All the walls on the first floor have been filled, skimmed, sanded and primed, so are ready for painting. All the clay ceilings have also been primed, and the kitchen, office and bedroom have been painted with an "old white" silicate-based paint, for maximum breathability, one of the advantages of clay that we'd like to preserve.

I've been motoring on with making the window sills, and have 13 of 30 nearly complete. All they need is a sanding, some edging done (when my new router arrives next week) and a sealing/finishing before fitting. Once that's done, we can start painting the walls. The hardest part is now deciding on a colour scheme! For most of the rooms this should be easy, but for the kitchen, we want something that contrasts with the units, complements the floor tiles (which have touches of green, blue-green, earthy brown etc), all while not being either too dark or cold-looking. It's not easy when your head is still full of many construction decisions to be made.

Upstairs still needs attention, as we've been concentrating on getting the first floor complete, but I hope to get started with the skimming and final drywall construction on most of the second floor in the next couple of weeks. At least to get the hall areas clean, and one bedroom. A second bedroom would be a bonus, but I need to complete some lighting wiring there.

And last, but not least, our Elektromeister friend Sace has continued connecting my wiring to the trip switches and installing presence sensors and the like, so we've got light throughout the cellars, making it much more homely.

Have a look at a bit of a walk-through showing the highlights from the past three weeks.

And the photos: