Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Attic conversion, part 1

The attic has been a thorn in my side for a few years now, and it's something that I return to, do a chunk of work on, and forget for half a year, until guilt sets in again. This month, I'm returning to it, and am determined to make major progress. But I noticed that I have not posted about any of the activities over the past couple of years, so a little retrospective is in order.

Back in 2012, it looked like this:

At that point, the roof had been redone, and I think we'd even cleaned off the oak beams, but it was not a priority location.

At some stage, I'd ripped all the old 1950s floor boards out (someone had kindly written the year underneath), with the intention of levelling the floor, but it wasn't till September 2017 I completed the floor under-construction, and got boards down so it is easy to walk around. Fast forward to last year:

And that it how it has sat for nine months. Nine! There's still an awful to to do, but my plan is to get one side (there are basically two rooms) done, so we can clear space and move storage items up here. But ultimately, we want a guest room and something like an office/hobby room for my wife, so she doesn't have to be clearing her stuff away.

To give a little more perspective, here's a short video. I'm hoping this post will keep me embarrassed enough to follow through, so I have some real progress to show in the coming few weeks!

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