Saturday, 29 December 2012

A time to relax

For the past week, or nearly two, I've done sod all on the house, but I'm hoping this is the calm before the storm. The only real work was done by Lutz, our roofer/neighbour, who put a Schneefanggitter (a grill for catching snow, and I've no idea what it's called in English!) on the barn roof, so snow doesn't slide off and make piles in the narrow passage between the barn and house. We also received a delivery of 120m or so of 6x12cm timber (in 13m lengths, just about fitting in the barn) for building pretty much all the partition walls that we need, so that's the next big thing on the list.

Then we got a loan of an old range to give a bit of heat, as couple of weeks ago, when it was -11C outside, the house dropped to 0.6C, not ideal working conditions, especially for plastering.

On the bad side, last week we spotted that water is somehow coming in around the chimney. Lutz checked it out, but the roof tiles are perfect, so we're waiting on the sheet metal guys to check the flashing around the chimney. Last year was no problem, so we thought it might have been to do with the snow, but it's even worse the past couple of days, long after the snow melted. Not good! I'm wondering should I remove the Isofloc insulation around the chimney to stop it spreading, but maybe it'll dry out once the problem is rectified.
Poxy leaking roof.
 So, here's to a 2013 where we can move in!

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