Sunday, 22 June 2014

The heat is still on

The past two weeks have been very busy, in the lead up to a big plastering session. The final pieces of wall heating have been installed, holes are being closed up, dry walling being completed (or sometimes started), mesh being installed in ceilings, cabling relaid as I changed ideas and more. More importantly, a professional plaster has been in installing beading on corners around the window opes and all that. Let's make a quick photo tour.

My favourite room on the second floor got the panels installed  for the wall heating (a nice, easy job) and then the pipes fitted.

At the other side, same level, the bedroom got the same treatment.

And on the third floor, at least one of the two rooms up there is done, as I didn't have time yet to dry line the other room.

In the living room, we finally got the rest of the underflooring down, so it'll be safer to work there.

And as the clay plaster for the ceiling will be sprayed on, we've got some special protective sheets to cover the beams so we don't have to clean them all over again once the plastering is done. Comes with built-in adhesive strips on one side, and then we can but to size to tape up the other side. Though we'll probably need to staple them too, as tape doesn't stick so well on dusty oak beams.

The first floor is ready for plastering, which I simply cannot wait for, as it will make a huge difference to the house. We should be ready to start that in two weeks, as there's sill a lot of preparation work to do. But even having all the beading in place seems to make a difference.

Little covers are installed on most of the sockets now, so they can be plastered over and rediscovered.

The bare timbers in the landings upstairs are being closed off ready to receive wall heating (that's a job for tomorrow night).

And the missing wall between the bedroom and office on the first floor has finally been built after the heating system was hooked up. To add a little spice, I want to install this old window frame given to us by a neighbour. Not just so it looks nice, but also to get a bit more light into the small, north-facing office.

The heat, as I said, is still on, as there is still much to do before plastering can begin in earnest. But it's looking good!

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