Monday, 22 June 2015

The Bierkeller, Part 2

Last Saturday I got up bright and early to collect a compressor from our friend, Sace, and get started with a small sandblasting pistol I bought online for €22. 3 hours, and several coffees later, I managed to prep, suit up and make a start.

My experience with the big blaster we used elsewhere in the house was excellent, but full protection is an absolute must, so it was back to doing Breaking Bad impressions again.

The thing about htis blaster is that it's relatively low pressure, and more geared towards precise work, like taking paint of bits of furniture, or rust removal. It's not quite cut out for cleaning clay and plaster off large stone wall surface. But, I persevered, and got three of the four walls done. Here's a before and after shot.

Believe it or not, there is a difference! Look down the bottom right for the biggest differences! Anyway, it's ok, and we can move on to repointing these parts soon.

Meanwhile, here's a before and after video.

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