Thursday, 7 April 2016

Vaulted cellar 2, part 2: repointing

A short and sweet post to give a quick progress check. I'm pleased with how the walls are turning out, considering how grimy they really were, and the fact that I've been cleaning them down by hand, compared to using a sandblaster as I did in the other cellars.

When it's done, I'll write a proper retrospective post, with before and after, to highlight the transformation, but here's the current status, with before and after of the walls. Although the wall on the right looked quite ok, in reality, it was covered ina slick of... I dont know what, and the old mortar was quite crumbly. By scrubbing it all down, it feels much cleaner,and there's more definition on the stones, not to mention fresh, breathable mortar to secure everything. On the back wall, the effect is even clearer, in this frequently wet spot.

And just repointing the bottom half of the wall on the left, as the top half will be plastered over, but even that makes a big difference, as can be seen better in the video.

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