Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Bauernhaus

Really not sure how to introduce this blog, so here's a brief history. August 2010, after a couple of year faffing about, began house hunting in earnest, and looked at several old buildings in the region around Mosbach. Finally settled on this one, a farmhouse (hence the Bauernhaus), built sometime around 1800, as far as we know, complete with barn (which has been extended possibly twice), pigsty/tobacco drying house (built in 1927) and chicken coop (date unknown). The house itself is in need of serious renovation and modernisation. Think central heating, for one. By December we owned it, and are currently in the last stages of planning what to do before submitting a planning application.
The Bauernhaus, December 2010
The whole complex is listed for protection, so planning and works have to go through due process, and certain things must be done in certain ways, which, having worked in archaeology for a number of years and having an archaeologist for a wife, is just fine.

This blog is intended to record the stages of work, discoveries, joys and, most likely, the frustrations in trying to build a family home.
The Bauernhaus, October 2010
Planned front elevation, January 2011
Coming soon, a look at the inside as it currently stands, which will give a better idea of how much work really has to be done.


  1. First follower yay. That place looks awesome for brewing!

  2. Welcome aboard! :D

    It has potential, that's for sure, but it's gonna be a lot of work just to get it liveable. Every day I find something else that gives me the shits :D