Sunday, 2 October 2011

Roof complete!

It took a while, more because of our bad timing conflicting with other jobs, but big thanks to Lutz, Holger, Andi and the others for building us a fine new roof! We're really happy with how it looks. The final bits were done last week, with the last three roof windows going into the back on Friday.
The gang in action.
I can't resist a before shot!
All done.
At the back, we have a total of five roof windows. We'd originally planned eight, but I think this is a better balance between cost and light.
The roof windows are relatively small, to minimise having to cut roof beams, but due to fire regulations, we had to have at least one large one that is specced as an emergency exit: the one on the top right.
The escape route.
Our own works continued on Saturday, with the help of friend and neighbour, Jörg, with some incredibly boring, but physically taxing cleanup work. We reckoned it's better than a gym. Basically, we've had piles of clay lying around the house from where we removed the wattle and daub between some of the timber frames, and the ceilings in the top floor. It's remarkable how much stuff they used, and how strong clay and straw can be. We had to get this out, so we ordered a container and spent 8 hours shovelling stuff around, Jörg passing buckets to me out on the scaffolding, then dumping it down (we couldn't get a disposal chute). Making hay while the sun shines, we took out another wattle and daub wall, just for good measure, and tomorrow, I'll open up two new doors through similar walls, while we have the container, as we're only allowed put clay and earth in it.

About 1/5 of what had to go
You could almost eat off the floor. Almost.
A hot, extremely dusty day, but I think we were well-rewarded:


  1. We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders, and felt like free men.
    /Morgan Freeman voice

    Nice one, looks great.

  2. Not quite free yet, but yeah, one step through the sewers closer :)