Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Windows finally ordered

Some progress on the windows front. We met with Herr Sauer (the window man) and Herr Keller (our architect) yesterday evening to finalise details for the windows, after weeks of toing and froing.

We've decided on six panels per window for the most part, except the smallest of them, which will have no muntins (now there's a new word for me. I knew what they are called in German - Sprossen - but just had to check the English term), while the slightly smaller windows on the west gable, second floor will have four panes.

We've gone for French door style from the kitchen to the back garden, with a secondary entrance looking a little more like a cottage door. I think Herr Keller would have preferred more glass, but the Irish in me stuck to what we felt we liked best, for good or for worse.

The best part is that Herr Sauer said we should have them in before Christmas! Originally the plan was to have them a few weeks ago, but if they can do it before Christmas we'll be delighted. My wife gave him a big hug, so maybe he'll stick to his promise.

This is what they should look like:

South facade, planned.
Note we haven't selected front doors yet. I'm thinking two that should be usable, and two should be false doors (four front doors would be pretty expensive!), but we definitely want them to be a bit rustic looking.

West gable, planned.

North facade, planned.
The windows and doors, especially at the back, will be have additional security to bring them to the so-called WK2 standard (or is it KW2?).
East gable, planned.

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