Friday, 12 August 2011

The roof after one week

The roofer was stressed as he thinks things are going too slow, but to me, he and his colleagues worked their asses off, and quite a lot was done in one week. It can't be easy dealing with an old house like this, where nothing is straight!

The plan
Having said that, there is a dependancy on the bricklayers for some of the roof work on the back of the house, and they only return from holiday next week (assuming they turn up), so I can feel myself getting stressed soon enough if they don't rebuild that wall.

But back to the front of the roof: Monday, they removed all the tiles as previously posted. I was away for three days, so coming back there was a world of a difference. Timbers have been added to the sides of the roof beams to provide an even surface on both the inside and out. On top of these timbers, a 35mm thick layer insulation board was added (made of wood fibre), on top of which counter lathes and lathes are to be laid. They also had to cut through a few of the beams to make way for the shed dormers (Schleppgauben), and finished building the frames for these. What more can I say? Let the pictures tell the story.

  Being away mid-week, I missed a lot :)

And close of business, Friday
Under the covers
  I'm pretty happy so far, and great to see a part of the plan in physical form.

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